For our business projects and work engagements, we, at Hydroenergy Company Jsc., always strive to create and implement internal organizational controls for the effective prevention and elimination of potential non-compliance with the Bulgarian laws and with the international Directives and Regulations.

Striving to be open and honest to partners, employees and society, we have set effective mechanisms for whistleblowing to report certain types of wrongdoing at work in any of the sites where HEC is presented. We are also engaged with the follow-ups from the reports received so that it is guaranteed that:

  • Each report for wrongdoing at work on HEC`s projects will be thoroughly reviewed and analyzed;
  • Reporters will be protected by law and shall not be treated unfairly or lose their job because they ‘blow the whistle’;

The whistleblowing process in HEC Jsc facilitates the disclosing of acts of wrongdoing at work and provides opportunity to propose actions to prevent cases of wrongdoing at work.

The whistleblowing process of HEC Jsc. includes the following channels of reporting:

Internally to HEC:

  • In written to the postal address of the Headquarter office of HEC Jsc. in Blagoevgrad: 15 Industrialna Zona 3 Street, Pokrovnik village 2708. The envelope shall be titled “A Whistleblowing Report”
  • Via Email at compliance@hec.bg. The report shall be digitally signed.
  • Via a dedicated telephone line +359 893 06 36 75 contacting a prescribed person from HEC Jsc, who shall start dealing with the issue raised filling out the template while taking the conversation. The template is available in Bulgarian language here.

Externally to the Bulgarian Commission for Personal Data Protection (CPDP):

  • In written to the postal address of CPDP: 2 Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov Blvd., Sofia 1592 GPS coordinates: N 42.668839 E 23.377495. The envelope shall be titled “A Whistleblowing Report”.
  • Via Email at: whistleblowing@cpdp.bg. The report shall be signed.

Any kind of materials supporting the reported wrongdoing may be enclosed to the letter/oral report. Contacts of people who are ready to confirm the disclosure report may also be provided. The reporter`s identity and the identity of any other person supporting this report shall be reliably protected and restricted access to information to the reported case shall be guaranteed.

It is Important that you know:

  • Each reported wrongdoing shall be thoroughly investigated for being credible and authentic;
  • No anonymous reports shall be documented or processed;
  • No reports older than 2 calendar years from the day of reporting shall be documented or processed;
  • No reports outside the scope of the Whistleblowers Protection Act and the Bulgarian law corresponding to it shall be documented or processed;
  • No reports which contain non-sense or untrue information shall be documented or processed;
  • People who report non-sense or untrue information for wrongdoing at work shall be notified on the responsibility they carry for these reports originating from the Bulgarian Criminal Code;
  • You will be provided a feedback on the processing of your report withing 3 months after successful submission of the report;