100MW solar plant in Chile

Jan 17, 2018 | Projects

Chile’s President Michelle Bachelet has inaugurated the 100MW El Pelicano solar plant that will supply electricity to the capital’s subway system, Metro de Santiago.

The Civil works, the reparation and mechanical isntallation works were executed by Hydroenergy company JSC.

Located in Coquimbo region, the PV plant will help make Metro de Santiago the first in the world to run on 60% solar and wind power, according to the government press. The photovoltaic (PV) facility will cover about 42% of the electricity consumption of Metro de Santiago’s transport infrastructure. No other metro has incorporated renewable energy in its consumption at such a magnitude.

El Pelicano solar plant is spread across in an area of 174 hectares and with more than 250,000 solar panels, it can produce enough electricity to be supplied to 120,000 local homes. The annual generation of electricity that the plant will supply to the Metro through a long-term PPA is estimated at around 300 GWh per year.

The El Pelicano solar plant is significant for both public and private sector development and cooperation. The Project contributes business and industry, from national to local level of general communications in the municipality of Vallenar y La Higuera and it is the most efficient power plant in Latin America when it comes to productivity, using 430W solar modules.