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We shorten the distance between the Sun and people

We build Solar power plants

Site survey

We perform research to ensure that a PV system can be constructed on the ground, taking into account all specifications.

Design & technical support

The PV plant is designed by our team of design engineers. The customer gets the maximum power from the field because we choose the optimal construction system, output power of the solar modules and other key components of the power plant.

Permitting & licensing

We provide all necessary documents for the photovoltaic system.

Material and equipment supply

We deliver everything needed for the successful completion of the PV plant.

Civil works

We execute the necessary construction works at the photovoltaic plant.

Mechanical installation

We carry out pile driving, installation of structure systems, and solar module installation.

Electrical installation

We carry out laying and installation on cables, connection of cables to technological equipment, measurement of cables, measurement and analysis of string cables, and grounding installation.

Commissioning and testing

We put the solar system into operation and do the required tests to ensure it’s functioning properly.


We offer maintenance for the completed solar system.

years of experience

projects in over 20 countries

power installed in total

About HEC

Hydroenergy Company JSC (HEC) was founded in 2006 with the mission of making solar technologies more accessible to consumers, clear energy transition and long lasting positive impact on the ecosystem. The company went through a sustainable development and rapid growth in the global renewable energy market. Currently, the company is an undisputed leader in the PV market, with more than 150 projects completed across 6 continents, resulting in more than 4.3 GW of installed capacity.

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